Programs and Services

Corporate, Academic, Non Profit, Government. Small Business, Individual

One-On-One Coaching

We do an assessment, define the path you wish to take, create a map to get you there, then you take the steps and  harness the mindset to get you to your goal. We are your accountability partners in this exciting process.

Group Coaching

If there are a minimum of five people willing and desirous of working on a specific outcome, we will arrive at a consensus about strategy, establish norms for working, and have a six week commitment. We will have a weekly 60-minute group teleconference conversation and as needed email contact. This package often includes individual coaching with group members.

Business & Leadership Strategic Seminars & Retreats

Each seminar is tailored to the organization’s specific needs: Focus groups, Building Workplace Culture Norms, Team Building, Employee Engagement and Productivity, Leadership Engagement, Overcoming Workplace Bullying, Effective Communications, and Conflict Management. These seminars are highly interactive and designed to be measurable and sustainable.


Packages may include an assessment and debriefing to assist individuals and groups with a greater depth of understanding of cognitive and sub-cognitive thought processing, emotional triggers, behavior outcomes, and the ultimate impact that behavior has on self and others.

Training and Professional Development

Contact me for a training catered specifically for your needs.


Business and Organizational Marketing, Strategic Planning, Employee Engagement,  Vision and Outcome Alignment.

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