R3 Coaching Process

R3 Vision Breakthrough Power Tool (Relevance, Resilience, and Re Engagement) reveals, defines, and brings clarity to your personal vision, mission, goals and objectives. The R3 Assessment Tool propels you into fueling and refocusing your energy in a manner that results in your desired outcomes, in a short period of time, with an affordable investment.

What’s included in the R3 Coaching Process?

  • Access to the R3 Vision Breakthrough Power Tool (Energy Leadership Index  or ELI assessment) which reveals an individual’s attitude and therefore their level of energy.  This assessment will focus on one’s Resilience, Re-Engagement and Relevance.  This power tool reveals, defines, and brings clarity to an individual’s personal vision and mission.    
  • Debrief on the results of the assessment so that you are aware of areas on which you must focus to maximize your full potential. 
  • Three coaching sessions to address your needs and help you shift your thought process to “thought leadership”. The overall objective of the sessions will be to you align your goals and objectives with your vision of yourself.  The sessions will focus on the following set of questions with one session per “R” Relevance, Resilience, and Re Engagement):

Are your goals, objectives, and actions relevant to your vision and desired outcomes?

Are you resilient in the face of challenges and disappointments?

Are you ready to re engage in your personal power strategy to get what you want?

R3 Coaching Process Outcomes

  • You will receive a copy of your R3 Vision Breakthrough Power Tool
  • Recording of your coaching sessions
  • “Next Steps” action list
  • Clarity of Vision – alignment of intent, behavior, and outcomes
  • Personal Accountability Checklist

R3 Coaching Process Benefits

  • Less stress, frustration, wasted energy, anxiety, and procrastination
  • Achieve more positive and relaxed “in the moment” thoughts and emotions
  • Employing better decision making in a timely manner
  • Adjustment of attitudes and perspectives to align with your intent and goals

What’s the Investment?

  • 30 days of your valuable time – customize your coaching schedule using virtual and flexible access to professional coaching
  • A one time payment of $599 or $225 payment prior to initial session and $374  prior to the online R3 Breakthrough Vision Power Tool Assessment via PayPal or credit card

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